Dreamlike Magic of “Oriental Doctor Strange” Fascinates the IAAPA Exhibition

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ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On November 17, 2016, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) exhibition was going on in full swing in Orlando. Let us find out the ingenious ways employed by the “Oriental Doctor Strange” for attracting the visitors. In the movie Doctor Strange, Master Mcu said to the Doctor, “I’ve seen your future, but nothing can be found.” In fact, it is not that you have no future. Instead, your future is full of possibilities. And the force of possibilities is boundless. Oriental Doctor Strange, incarnate of DreamEast Cultural Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as “DreamEast”) displayed its dazzling glamour on the IAAPA stage in 2016 through mysterious force of every possibility.

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) art alive with charm of the East, the graceful, restrained Chinese-style booth, and the distinct, interesting IP image of the Deer Elf were attracting world-famous exhibitors, business elites and a great many visitors all the time. These visitors kept discussing cooperation possibilities with DreamEast in an effort to know more about DreamEast and China’s culture and entertainment market, thus expanding their business development on the basis of a global strategic plan. This is because they fully understand that the force of possibilities is boundless.

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DreamEast: Move the world with the story of China and bring dream, love and happiness to the whole world.
DreamEast: Move the world with the story of China and bring dream, love and happiness to the whole world.
During the exhibition, DreamEast displayed more than ten cultural and tourist projects that were planned and designed by focusing on the three core areas, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Some of the projects such as the “DreamEast Legendary World” focused on ancient classical legends of China, the “Dream of Sea (Tianjin) Tourist Resort” boasted the world’s super artificial sea and the “Dreamlike Sanxiang Tourist Resort” inherited the culture of Dongting Lake and Xiangjiang River had been praised highly by all the visitors. Companies des Alpes, Vivo Aquatics and Mi Concept+Design, among many other companies, paid visit to the booth and discussed their future cooperation with related DreamEast personnel. These companies showed great interest in and paid high attention to DreamEast’s cultural and entertainment projects of China. DreamEast is exactly an ideal partner for these companies that have been exploring the mysterious culture of the East since DreamEast presented a dreamlike and mysterious oriental world to them. What’s more, the Reunion Group, a famous theme park operator of Europe, particularly had a long discussion with the DreamEast representatives. During the discussion, the Reunion Group indicated its previous pleasant cooperation with DreamEast’s movie company. Targeted at DreamEast’s cultural and tourist project, the Spanish company planned to designate its team which had involved in the motion gate of Dubai, paramount of Spanish and other important projects to assist DreamEast in accelerating the project. It is also hoped this would be the start for the future strategic cooperation in the Chinese market between both sides.

For DreamEast, the Deer Elf became the focus of public attention at the show. The fantastic story of the Deer Elf was expressed to the audience in a mysterious way, in which the Deer — DreamEast’s exclusive IP image, its magical partner Jame (a mythical ferocious animal in the Chinese fairy tale) and many other animals led the visitors into a magical and adventurous world of the East. Most audiences could hardly tear themselves away from the IP image and kept taking pictures of Deer Elf.

After 14 years’ research efforts in culture and entertainment, DreamEast has had an in-depth understanding of the reason for the long standing of Chinese culture and has determined to play a leading role in China’s culture and entertainment industry. All our partners and friends at home and abroad were welcomed to visit us. Our Oriental Doctor Strange had absolutely taken our visitors to a fantastic trip of the eastern kingdom.

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Nov 13, 2016, 05:57 ET
Preview: DreamEast Returns to IAAPA Stage as an Oriental Doctor Strange


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