SeaWorld’s New Dolphin Days Show Inspires a Fresh Look at Ocean Conservation

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By Jessica C. Northey
SeaWorld Orlando presents an inspiring new show, Dolphin Days, to celebrate the ocean’s most playful ambassador, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. Running daily in the Dolphin Theatre, the new Dolphin Days replaces SeaWorld Orlando’s long-running Blue Horizons show. In addition to being entertained (and potentially splashed!) you’ll learn simple ways to apply SeaWorld’s conservation efforts in your own community to help make a difference.

Dolphin Days highfive

Dolphin Days brings the relationship between trainers and dolphins to the forefront as nine trainers work one-on-one with nine dolphins. See amazing jumps and some super-cool aerial moves – from both trainers and dolphins.

Dolphin Days macaw mission
To showcase the unity between the sea and the sky, tropical macaws fly over the audience and join a trainer who conveys a message about the importance of dolphins to our environment. In addition, information is shared about how each and every one of us can do something to contribute to conservation efforts – things as simple as picking up litter at the beach or recycling, can make a big impact.

Dolphin Days playtime
Towards the end of the show, one lucky volunteer is chosen to join the trainers. The volunteer learns gesture commands that the dolphins understand, and in front of the broader audience (no pressure!) tries out the new moves. Pro Tip: This volunteer moment is a timing cue for those sitting in the splash zone that the cool water is heading your way shortly. If you prefer to stay dry, avoid the front and center seating zone.

Dolphin Days seaworld cares

Learn more about SeaWorld’s conservation efforts through SeaWorld Cares. Purchase discounted tickets for SeaWorld Orlando and at attractions throughout Central Florida from Visit Orlando.

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