A Star Is Born at Haddon House Expo: Resourceful Young Sales Professional Agnes DeLatoni Draws Big Crowd With Hand-Drawn Poster

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ORLANDO, Fla., May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With only a few hours until the opening of the Haddon House Expo, Agnes DeLatoni faced a big problem. Neighboring booths featured bright, attractive graphics and teams of salespeople ready to work the crowd, while her own booth was bereft of visual flair, not to mention her inexperience in such high-profile events. Agnes felt a rising sense of dread as she wondered how she could compete with so many veterans of the convention floor. The challenge looked impossible — until her “can do” spirit bubbled to the surface, and she transformed her borderline panic into decisive action. Agnes single-handedly solved her dilemma with just $18 and a trip to an office supply store.

“I could never compete for attention with these million-dollar companies by playing the game their way,” says Agnes, “so I had to level the field. With some basic supplies, I drew my own poster that simply said, ‘I’m Agnes, I’m here for the first time! Please talk to me!’ And it worked. People definitely wanted to talk with this clever, upstart graduate of Hanze University in the Netherlands who wasn’t intimidated by the huge, flashy brands surrounding her.”

Agnes with the buyer from Eddie’s Retail Store, Michael Schaffer at the Haddon House Expo
Agnes with the buyer from Eddie’s Retail Store, Michael Schaffer at the Haddon House Expo
The brand Brisling Sardines booth at the Haddon House Expo
The brand Brisling Sardines booth at the Haddon House Expo
All day long, Agnes entertained a crowd of prospective buyers and received lots of praise for her positive and enthusiastic approach: “I like your poster!” said one buyer. “That’s an amazing idea, and so different from everything else here, and that’s why I’m here talking to you!” Ultimately, Agnes’ innovative, daring approach helped plant the seeds of new opportunities, both for herself and for her brand, Brisling Sardines for Active People.

“I don’t believe you need a million-dollar budget to make real connections with customers,” Agnes concludes. “All it takes is the courage to put yourself out there and do something out of the ordinary, and remembering that sales is a relationship between individuals. I like to say that ‘people sell to people, not markets.’ I keep that idea front and center in all my work.”

If her breakthrough success at Haddon House is any indication, Agnes is destined to go far (and fast) in her career. Her outside-the-box thinking and ingenuity created tremendous and invaluable opportunities for her brand. That success was also made possible in part by the great team working behind the scenes, including Suman Lawrence from UNFI, expo organizer David H. Anderson and broker Stephen DeLeo; Agnes extends her thanks to each one.

Brands looking to deepen their impact and meaningfully connect with customers, as well as journalists interested in learning more about how Agnes is changing the game by focusing on what matters (people), are encouraged to contact her today. She’s eager to discuss how she’s put a Millennial spin on timeless sales and marketing best practices. See below for phone and email contact information.

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