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Together, We Can Continue to Strengthen Our Community


Jul 23, 2017

Working together, we’ve transformed Orlando from a place that was packed with potential into a city that is realizing its potential.

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của Thành phố Orlando

On July 21, I delivered my annual State of the City address and emphasized how we’re transitioning from our role as the young upstart to being a more mature, global city. Incredible opportunities lie ahead, but so do big challenges.

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State of the City 2017

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The way we address these challenges will define our future. While many of these challenges aren’t unique to Orlando, what is unique is how we’re going to come together to address them and how you play a role in strengthening our community.

The list of ways that we can each make a difference is as diverse as our inclusive community:

By joining your neighborhood association or participating in a visioning study, you can help create strong neighborhoods with robust transportation systems
Through youth mentoring programs, you can prepare young residents for the careers of tomorrow, and by shopping and dining in our Main Streets Districts, you can help grow and diversify our economy
Working with the Orlando Police Department, which added 15 officers last year and will add 15 more in 2017-18, you can start a Neighborhood Watch Group, or make our City safer by receiving free hands-only CPR training from the Orlando Fire Department, which will add 12 new firefighters this year
By supporting local agencies and the many nonprofit organizations that are investing in developing quality, affordable housing units and providing permanent supportive housing, you can help ensure that anyone who wants to live in Orlando can live in Orlando, regardless of their income
After getting a free tree for your yard or a backyard composter, you can make Orlando a city of the future where sustainability and innovation drive our quality of life
Over the past year, the words “Orlando United” have meant so much to our community. “United” means many parts coming together to form a whole that is stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

If we are to overcome the challenges that confront us, then each of us has a responsibility to do our part to make the whole stronger.

Thank you for being an engaged resident and for all that you do to strengthen our community.

– Buddy Dyer, Mayor

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