Thông Báo Thông Tin Thanh Tra Kiểm Tra Thiệt Hại Cấu Trúc hoặc Điện cho Tài Sản của Quý Vị do Cơn Bão Irma Gây Ra Ở Thành Phố Orlando trong Tiểu Bang Florida

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Hurricane Irma Permit Information
Posted date: September 15, 2017
Do have structural or electrical damage to your property that was caused by Hurricane Irma?

Please call or email the Permitting Services Division at 407.246.2271 or to request an inspection of your property.

A City inspector will visit your property to document the damage and provide you with a copy of a damage report.

The inspector will also assess any permits that may be required prior to you making repairs. To assist you, the City of Orlando has waived permit fees for hurricane related repairs, valued at $10,000 or less, through October 15, 2017 for commercial properties and December 14, 2017 for residential properties.

Orange County has also been declared a FEMA Disaster Zone and you may be eligible for federal benefits to help with your hurricane recovery. Please visit for more informati

Hurricane Irma Permit Information