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Welcoming Newcomers from Puerto Rico to Our Community


Oct 10, 2017

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October 10, 2017

Orlando is recognized worldwide as a compassionate city and once again we are uniting, this time to welcome newcomers to our community from Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria was the most destructive hurricane in a century to strike Puerto Rico, leaving the island without power, water and telecommunications. Thousands of families lost their homes and many are relocating to Orlando, home to a large Puerto Rican population.

Learn more about City of Orlando Relief Efforts to Help Puerto Rico

The City of Orlando and is helping the evacuees feel at home in Central Florida by collaborating with local and state partners.

With a permanent location on North Primrose Drive and a presence at the Disaster Relief Center that has been established at Orlando International Airport, our Hispanic Office of Local Assistance has been providing support to the new arrivals. The HOLA Office helps connect families and individuals with more than 100 government and community organizations to find jobs, housing, healthcare services, educational opportunities and other resources.

Since the Disaster Relief Center opened on October 3, more than 2,300 individuals and 750 families have been served by community and government organizations.

Following Hurricane Maria, our community joined together to donate emergency supplies for those on the island. And as we now welcome evacuees from Puerto Rico to Orlando, I know that we’ll continue to show the compassion that makes our community a special one.

– Buddy Dyer, Mayor

Welcoming Newcomers from Puerto Rico to Our Community