New Social Media Startup Poised to Disrupt Innovation-Starved Industry by Giving Power Back to Users

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của Sunclip Group hay is a first-of-its-kind “social community network” portal.

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Launching in spring 2018, ( will be the world’s first network of social media communities that will be accessible through a single user account. On day one, that community will consist of three distinct networks —, and — with more in development. Currently, the website features an email signup option for everyone who wants to know the moment the network goes live.

Welcome to the future of Social Media!
Welcome to the future of Social Media!
Sunclip Group
Sunclip Group
“We’re giving users exactly what they’ve been screaming for,” says Sunclip Group Founder and CEO Lee Sides, “which is a more personal, grounded social media experience. We believe in empowering the user rather than exploiting them for ad revenue. The largest social media networks have forgotten there’s a responsibility to users to innovate and grow the user experience. After 20 years, social media should be better than this.” is the foundation or “portal” to the rest of the community sites. At launch, those will include the entertainment-focused and, a social bookmarking site. will be home to an ad-free and private user profile; instead of a “feed” and “like” button, users will see a “flow” of recent friend updates and an “awesome” button for reacting to those updates. will introduce Clip-Scale, the first gender-neutral feed filter, and its activity profile is separate from that of Finally, will serve as a hub for humor, entertainment and celebrity gossip. User input will inform the development of original content on the site.

According to Sides, social media innovation has come to a standstill. The landscape is littered with highly specialized and disconnected services. Each of these networks requires a different login and user profile, and few if any give user the kind of control they want. More troubling, the past couple of years have revealed just how corporatized the largest social media networks have become. From personal feed manipulation and advertising bombardment, the user experience has been deteriorating for some time, leading many to question whether these are truly “personal” spaces any more. By now, everyone has heard of “fake news,” bots and trolls. aims to sidestep all that noise.

The social community network provides users with ad-free access to an entire social media ecosystem through a single login and user profile. The single sign-on feature is unique in today’s social media world, and is expected to dramatically enhance engagement.

“Our motto is ‘Your experience with people and places every day.’ and we believe prioritizing user experience is what will distinguish us from the established names in this industry,” concludes Sides.

About Sunclip Group, Inc.

Sunclip Group, Inc. is the parent company of Sunclip, Inc., Clipature, Inc. and Peoplelicious, Inc. The company has created the first social community network of its kind, bringing users an enhanced, powerful experience, deeper social engagement and not driven by advertising and agendas.


Lee Sides, CEO and Founder
Phone: 801-407-0630

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