Connecting Hearts Adoption Services Expands Home Study Information

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Connecting Hearts Adoption Services is providing more information and support for potential parents in need of home study information.


Connecting Hearts Adoption Services, the adoption home study agency has added more information to their site to cover frequently asked questions and updated policies for adopting a child. The site, which offers free information including what documentation is needed to conduct a home study, has been helping prospective parents for years and will be adding to their services in 2018.

“People have questions and when you are trying to adopt a child, you need a credible place to go for facts. There are too many blogs and forums out there that offer information but it may not be accurate, apply to your circumstances or even be from the same state that you are in. If you live in South Florida and need information about this topic, we will help you get the answers you need to ensure that you are ready for your house visitation.” Connecting Hearts Adoption Services Representative

The site already includes information regarding what documentation you will need, where to collect that documentation and other details aspiring parents need to know. The information is available for free and can be found using the “Get Started” feature.

“Our team keeps up with any changes in policy but we also listen to our clients. They tell us some of the questions or issues they had with the process, especially early on and we look for ways to make things easier. If there’s a common issue that comes up for people looking to adopt, whether they are a client of ours or not, we want to help them resolve this matter.”

About Connecting Hearts Adoption Services

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services was founded in 2008 by Amy Imber. Her and her team have decades of experience working with families in the field of adoption, providing assistance to hundreds of families. The company is a recipient of the Human Rights Campaign’s Seal of Recognition and is associated with the Florida Adoption Council. To learn more about the company, contact:
Contact: 407-733-8642