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Need To Read (N2R) Will Be Giving Away Over 3,000 Brand New Books To Children Ages 0-5 In The Central FL Community


Jul 21, 2018

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N2R Inspires And Informs Parents To Prioritize Pre-Literacy By Providing Book Bundles To Families That Match The Age And Stage Of Their Children

ORLANDO, Fla., June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — N2R is a Florida nonprofit corporation with 501(c) (3) status partnering with community and faith-based organizations. N2R’s program grew out of a desire to eliminate childhood low literacy among low income families, which is one of the most extraordinary challenges facing our nation. Tragically, low-literate toddlers become low-literate teenagers and adults. N2R’s program seeks to confront this national crisis head-on.

On July 24th from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, Need to Read Inc. (N2R) in partnership with Rejoice in the Lord Ministries (one of the largest predominately African American Churches in Central FL), will be giving away over 3,000 brand new books to toddlers and pre-kindergarten age children. Our goal is to provide 6 books to 500 households in our community. The N2R program invites families with small children or grandchildren to receive this important gift. In addition, the first 100 kids will receive a backpack, and the first 250 kids will receive a “Black Panther” book. We will also be giving away 3 bicycles. There will be food, fun, bounce houses and more….

Far too many American children are underexposed to words, books, and reading materials; which is magnified in minority communities. Even more disconcerting is the fact that most literacy programs focus on older children when 85% of a child’s core brain structure is developed before the age of five. By the time children from low-income families enter kindergarten, they are 12-14 months below national norms in language and pre-reading skills. Consequently, there is an alarming gap in early childhood literacy in low-income and minority communities. N2R seeks to confront this alarming gap.

Volunteers are visiting 1000 households on July 21th & 24th and over 35 community child care centers have been visited and invited. N2R will distribute over 3000 books on July 24th.

The N2R program enhances pre-literacy by providing book bundles to families; family training stressing the importance of early reading skills; community story time programs; and reading rooms in partner organizations. Our website is, www.feedtheneedtoread.com.

Roderick Zak, CEO ● Need to Read Inc. & Rejoice in the Lord Ministries ● Phone: 407-325-1251

pastorzak@rejoiceinthelord.org 8053 Gilliam Road Apopka, FL 32703 ● www.feedtheneedtoread.com ● www.rejoiceinthelord.org

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