Travelocity Xếp Orlando Hạng 3 trong 10 Thành Phố Đứng Đầu Thích Chọn Đi Du Lịch Trong Lễ Độc Lập Hoa Kỳ Năm 2014

Theo nguồn tin của Travelocity trên trang mạng

Las Vegas and Orlando Among Most Budget-Friendly Cities

Most Popular July 4th Destinations of 2014

According to Travelocity’s July 4th data report, the cost of airfare is up 3.6% from last year, with an average round-trip domestic ticket costing $402. Similarly, hotel rates for the upcoming holiday weekend also showed an 8% increase bringing the average nightly hotel rate to about $171. Notwithstanding these increases, airfare to eight out of the top 10 most popular destinations for the holiday is less expensive than the national average ($402) and half of the top 10 most popular destinations boast an average hotel rate lower than the national average.

3 Orlando ($340 average round-trip airfare / $131 average hotel rate)







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