Thành Viên Của Registry Select International Xếp Orlando Hạng 4 trong 5 Nơi Đứng Đầu Chọn Đi Du Lịch Hoa Kỳ Trong Năm 2014

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Registry Select International Highlights Top 5 Vacation Requests in 2014

Registry Select International releases the 2014 list of most requested destinations as revealed from member requests.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (PRWEB) December 30, 2014

Registry Select International is a leading vacation fulfillment provider. With thousands of owners through the world, there is no lack of variety in the requests received. Each year, Registry Select International reveals the list of destinations that are in most demand amongst its member base. The list is always interesting due to the diversity of the member base and the destinations are often quite different than what many people would imagine for “top destinations.”

  • Number 5 is Cancun. This perennial front-runner is always a highly requested travel hot spot. Cancun offers a wide variety of fine dining, shopping, and cultural attractions. Registry Select International members are half of the time requesting Cancun or a resort closer to Cancun while the other half prefer the quieter Riviera Maya south, including playa Del Carmen and the most secluded resorts.
  • Orlando comes in at number 4 for the year. Disney World and of course the many other parks and attractions this world renowned destination offers keeps Orlando high on family requests.
  • At number 3 another Mexican destination makes the list: Los Cabos. The Mexican hotspot is much smaller than rival Cancun but is growing with a tremendous amount of development. In fact, there seems to be no end in sight near for new developments, which is exciting for Cabo visitors!
  • Las Vegas is the number 2 most requested spot. Many of these requests are from families wanting to enjoy Las Vegas and take in as much as they can from the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas is obviously a popular destination for travelers all over the Southwest due to the ease of driving to the location. However, it is also a top International destination. A high percentage of requests for Vegas are from Mexican and Canadian owners of Registry Select International.
  • Hawaii is the number one most requested destination. The island of Kauai is on the top regarding requests, but the other islands all offer different vacation styles. Each offers everything from relaxed days in the sun to more upbeat and party atmospheres for the variety of different visitors that seek the Hawaiian Islands.

Registry Select International fulfills thousands of vacation requests every year from domestic trips to international dream vacations. Whether visitors are planning an annual trip to a loved or favorite destination or a bucket list trip to their dream destination, Registry has the vacation connection for each traveler to plan their trip. In 2014 the list was quite diverse and with requests coming in for 2015, it will be interesting to see if these locations persist as the leading requests or if next year’s list will be an entirely different cast.










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