Get Your Plan in Order During Hurricane Preparedness Week

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của City of Orlando

Hurricanes have the power to cause widespread devastation and can affect both coastal and inland areas. National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 24-30 and the City of Orlando encourages all residents and businesses to get informed and prepared.

While the City recognizes the importance of being prepared year round, the impending hurricane season serves as a reminder to residents and local businesses that now is the time to get your emergency response plans in order. Hurricane season begins on June 1.

The City recently launched Orlando’s PrepareAthon, a campaign that is focused at increasing individual and community emergency preparedness and serves as a reminder that emergencies can happen at any time and place.

“It is important that our residents are not complacent when it comes to preparing for hurricanes and other disasters,” Mayor Buddy Dyer said. “I want to encourage all Orlando residents and our local businesses to get informed on how to prepare and respond to a possible hurricane. It is our goal at the City of Orlando to protect our residents and businesses, to prevent loss of life and to minimize damage caused by hurricanes.”

Get Your Plan in Order During Hurricane Preparedness Week

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