CollaborateMD Surprises Loyal Customers by Waiving Monthly Fees for Life

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CollaborateMD Waives Fees for Select Loyal Customers That Started Using Their Medical Billing Software Back in 2000 and 2001

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CollaborateMD, a leading provider of innovative and intelligent cloud-based medical practice management solutions, surprised several loyal customers recently by waiving their monthly fees as long as the original owner continues to use CollaborateMD as their business solution.

CollaborateMD CEO and Founder Douglas Kegler wanted to reward several loyal customers who started with the company when it was in its infancy. Based on their loyalty, these seven customers have been inducted into CollaborateMD’s Customer Loyalty Program. These loyal customers started using the CollaborateMD medical billing software solution in 2000 and 2001.

“These customers have seen the software go from it’s infancy in 2000 to its full feature set today,” said Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder. “It’s a testament to the maturity and quality of the CollaborateMD software, services and support over the years for a customer to remain loyal with us this many years.” We are extremely proud to have them inducted into our CollaborateMD’s Customer Loyalty Program as valued customers.

Breakdown of the ten year plus loyal customers:

16 years – 1 Customer
15 years – 10 customers
14 years – 18 customers
13 years – 24 customers
12 years – 33 customers
11 years – 39 customers
10 years – 43 customers
CollaborateMD’s second customer, Premier Primary Care Physicians of Illinois, started back in September 2000 and remains a happy customer today. CollaborateMD has 168 loyal customers that have been using their cloud medical practice management software for 10 years or more, which is a lifetime when it comes to users of medical billing and practice management software.

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About CollaborateMD

Since 1999, CollaborateMD’s innovative and intelligent cloud-based revenue cycle management software solutions have contributed to the financial and operational success of medical practices and medical billing services across the country. CollaborateMD’s Windows and MAC solution, with its simplicity, intelligence, and phenomenal support, is used by thousands of medical providers and has processed over 39 billion worth of medical claims.

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