Battle Of The Robot Show Is Announced; Exciting And Interactive; A World’s First In Robot Entertainment

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The National Entertainment Group, the nation’s leading provider of unique entertainment, is pleased to announce its new Battle of the Robots Show.

Orlando,Florida (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Battle of the Robots show has been on the television shows Shark Tank and America's Got Talent as well as American Idol. The show has been in theme parks in China and is now available for hire worldwide.

Richard Barker from The National Entertainment Group launched today the Battle of the Robot show billed as the ultimate robot show. The show features five full sized interactive robots with their own unique personalities and style who compete with one another through games and contests in a fast action 30-45 minute performance. Barker said, "Where else can you see five outrageously visual 6 ft robots dancing; talking and competing in games, not to mention transforming into cars and motorcycles?" The show features transformers as well as other species of Robot from the hypnotic robonosis to the disc jockey synergy and resident robocop.

The concept of the show is similar to pirate shows and jousting arena productions. The audience is told to choose and cheer for their preferred robot once they are introduced to them. They then support the robot as it competes against others in challenges which include some audience members. Barker said, "Audience members always get to be selected and used during the show. The concept is very unique, the more the audience interacts with the robots the more they own their show." Audience participation is a big winner for the robot show and those that watch from their seats in the audience can still take part in the action. During key moments the audience get to vote on the action and what happens next by using their cell phones. This technology makes the battle of the robot show extremely advanced and interactive, cellphones are used to vote and alter the path of the show instantly just like voting on a television reality contest. Richard Barker, a stage hypnotist uses this technology during his stage hypnosis show

The Battle of The Robot Show has over 50 different unique combinations. Beneficial for fairs and festivals as well as theme park owners where the robots can perform 3-4 shows per day with each performance totally different and unique. Barker said, "With the diversity and originality of the show it keeps people coming back to see it over and over again. At fairgrounds the audience can double and triple in size by the time the last show of the night occurs." The robot show has also been written for schools and colleges promoting positive messages similar to anti bullying and text and driving prevention. It has been written for an adult audience too and shows have been designed specifically for corporate convention events to support and improve sales or company messages.

The Battle of the Robot show can travel anywhere with a number of combinations and option, we also have single robot strolling that can appear at parties and store openings. For more information contact Richard Barker at the National Entertainment Group on 1-877-383-6056 for video of the robots in action and further information visit






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