Faith and Fitness Tour Bringing Positive Message of Healthy Living to Christians Everywhere

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ORLANDO, Fla., May 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Author Danica D. Smith and fitness professional Lauri Nelson have announced a plan to help Christians embrace the power of health and fitness. They’re launching The Faith and Fitness Tour to encourage people of faith to lead a healthier, more abundant life – a life more in keeping with God’s expectations.

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“Many Christians faithfully make time to worship, but fall short when it comes to making time for their health and fitness. This is the message that The Faith and Fitness Tour is championing,” explains Smith. “Our bodies are a precious and sacred gift. When we neglect them, our faith can suffer. While it takes discipline to make one’s health a priority, the rewards are tremendous. Faith cannot increase without discipline, and faith is the cornerstone of everything in life.”

Smith is the author of “Love, Faith & Destiny,” a book that brings Biblical stories to life. She learned from her readers that they wanted to understand more about the practical application of these stories; for many people, the Old Testament is merely a collection of stories that seem far away from modern life. Smith, however, was able to overcome depression by seeing the connections between her own life and the lives of people in the Bible. Having seen first-hand the power of a spiritual awakening, her next goal was to share that experience with the Christian community.

To help Christians adopt healthier lifestyles, Smith called on Lauri Nelson, co-founder of non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Community Fit Arcade, Inc., to assist in developing a faith-centered wellness seminar. Nelson is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She shares in Smith’s conviction that the body is God’s gift, and taking the best possible care of it is an important responsibility. At tour events, Nelson presents engaging, interactive illustrations to de-mystify the challenge of eating healthy in today’s fast-paced world. She explains the fundamentals of nutrition, food labels and how diet is intimately tied to so many diseases. “All we want is to give people tools and knowledge to live a better, healthier life,” adds Nelson.

Since its genesis in February 2016, The Faith and Fitness Tour has visited St. James Parish Library in Lutcher, Louisiana; the Women Empowered Retreat in Virginia Beach; and the Power of the 501(c)(3) and Grants seminars in Dallas and Atlanta.

Faith and Fitness Tour events are comprised of three sections. First up is an exploration of how Biblical stories, when read with an open mind, offer strategies for living more faithfully. The program then transitions to a discussion of nutrition and how to make optimal choices for oneself and one’s family. Finally, the event concludes with a group fitness session.

This summer, Smith plans to launch a product line called SSWIF (Standing Speaking Walking In Faith) that will feature clothing, accessories and other merchandise. The new products will further contribute to Smith’s mission of helping Christians get more in touch with their faith. The book “Love, Faith & Destiny” is available today on Amazon, and the Ingram catalog.

Churches, communities and organizations can learn more about The Faith and Fitness Tour or inquire about bookings by calling 407-733-5919 or sending an email to

About The Faith and Fitness Tour

The Faith and Fitness Tour is a joint effort of author Danica D. Smith and fitness professional Lauri Nelson. The program incorporates discussions of Biblical stories, nutrition and fitness.


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