Flag Football World Championship Tour Signs TV Deal for Battle Circuit

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The Flag Football World Championship Tour’s Battle Circuit is kicking off this week in Orlando, featuring over 200 youth and adult teams and a production crew on-site to film for their upcoming NBC Sports Network series.


The Flag Football World Championship Tour, FFWCT, has signed two industry veterans, David Voth of Leverage and Mike McKown of FocusedTV, to produce the 2017 Battle Circuit season broadcast programming on the NBC Sports Network and expand commercial efforts through mainstream sponsors and new revenue streams.

The Flag Football World Championship Tour’s Battle Circuit features 10+ national tournament stops at destination locations across the United States. Filming will kick off this weekend at Battle Orlando, May 26-28, featuring over 200 teams, and will be followed by Battle Dallas in June along with other locations like Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Indianapolis, Seattle and more over the next year. Each “Battle” event will be a national qualifier for its’ World Championships held first half of 2018. The industries’ most lucrative prize money and national bragging rights are at stake, with over $100,000 in total cash prize giveaways expected.

Strategic plans are in place to expand the tour’s existing domestic footprint to include new international events in 2018 as well.

David Voth, CEO of Leverage Sports America and Asia, has huge optimism for the future of the sport.

“The FFWCT Battle Circuit is a very impressive event series, economically impactful for each iconic destination in the series and also delivers best in class game day experience to every team and athlete. The newly announced TV deal with NBC Sports Network will enable the FFWCT to reward major mainstream sponsors with strong media value and in turn take the sport to the next level.” Voth, who is co-founder of the “NFL Quarterback Challenge” and “NBA Who’s Got Game”, founder of the World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, will support the FFWCT and Battle Circuit with commercial guidance and media strategy services. “There is keen international interest in expanding the FFWCT and Battle Events. We are currently in advanced discussions with key stakeholders who see value in what is being accomplished this season and the strategic vision going forward”.

Mike McKown, CEO FocusedTV. FocusedTV has produced 1,000’s of hours of sports programming with all the major broadcast partners in the US and abroad.

“FocusedTV is very proud to support the broadcast production and work with Leverage in development of a rich media and sponsorship framework for the FFWCT. We will begin our production at Battle Orlando and see the tour as a great broadcast property with huge potential to attract fans of the sport and everyday viewer who enjoy getting to know the players of the game. We see a broadcast series developing with a focus on player back story and of course great coverage of the exciting play. Six shows are in the plans, including a one hour special featuring the World Championships”.

Travis Burnett and Charles Davis, Co-Founders of the Flag Football World Championship Tour, are excited to take this next step in the evolution of their sport.

“David and Mike bring tremendous value to our events and organization. They have worked together for over 20 years, each highly respected in the industry with a long history of success in similar programs. The wealth of knowledge they collectively bring to the table is huge, as they each have launch and developed major sport properties around the world which allows us to lean on their vast experience. Our ultimate goal is to take the sport to the next level, both here in the US and internationally, and bring an experience to our players that they’ll never forget.”

More information will be coming soon regarding air dates and formats for the broadcast series and what to expect. Battle Orlando, which kicks off the 2017/2018 Flag Football World Championship Tour’s Battle Circuit will be held at Simmers Young park in Winter Haven, FL. Completion begins at 4:00pm on Friday, May 26th, concluding with championship games on the afternoon of Sunday, May 28th.

For more information, contact Travis Burnett at travis(at)ffwct(dot)com or at 972-922-9234.

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