Florida MEP’s Grant-Funded Advanced Manufacturing Training Program Continues to Expand with Welding Classes in Orlando

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Florida MEP Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training, paid for by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, has placed 170 new hires into well-paying jobs with employers in multiple industries.

Celebration, Florida (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Florida MEP) is pleased to announce the start of the newest training class under the H-1B grant that was awarded to the Florida MEP in 2011. This private-Federal partnership has trained and placed 170 individuals into well-paying jobs with significant career growth potential. Florida MEP’s current grant-funded welding class in Orlando, Florida is comprised of 22 trainees, including four veterans, ranging in age from 21-54.

Schuff Steel, a world class structural steel fabricator located in Orange County, Florida, is serving as Florida MEP’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Program's host employer and is seeking professional fitters and certified welders for their expanding growth goals in central Florida.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a professional employer like Schuff Steel,” said Florida MEP Welding Instructor Mike Myers.

“Schuff Steel management sees the tremendous value of a professional training program on their own shop floor with employee candidates who have spent two weeks in an intense training atmosphere in their own facilities and the value of having not just a new employee join their team but a "wave" of new energy and skilled talent to help them meet their professional goals and sales commitments,” said Myers.

“We have found great experienced talent here in Central Florida, individuals who have been unemployed or underemployed for various reasons, who now, at the end of this intense training, can hit the ground running and be ready to positively impact a professional workforce like Schuff Steel. We appreciate a company like Schuff Steel embracing and hosting a program like this,” Myers said.

The Florida MEP Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training Program utilizes high-tech mobile classrooms equipped with CNC machines and the latest in welding training equipment to deliver customized training at individual company sites.

Florida MEP’s advanced manufacturing classes are being provided to qualified candidates who have the potential to be hired by manufacturers within the 23 Florida High Tech Corridor counties. As the training is completely funded by a grant, there is no cost to manufacturers or trainees to participate.

A number of individuals in Florida who have been unemployed or underemployed, now have high-paying jobs as welders and CNC operators as a result of Florida MEP’s grant-funded Advanced Manufacturing Training Program. The Florida MEP training program has placed new hires into well-paying jobs with employers in multiple industries such as aviation/aerospace including customized aircraft, composite fabricators for aircraft interiors, firearm manufacturers, ship building and repair, stainless steel medical-related equipment, specialized seating for NASCAR and aerospace, and components used in nuclear energy.

Following are comments from several trainees in the current class of the Florida MEP Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training Program:

Mike Thomas, 54, who has 30 years of welding experience: "This is the most phenomenal program I have ever been involved in. The instructors are fantastic and are so hands on with so much experience and knowledge that one can only learn from being in such a fantastic environment.”

Bobby Newell, 53: “The (Florida MEP) program is fantastic and the amount of material being covered is unbelievable. They are getting us ready for a top-notch professional job with a top-notch professional employer at no cost to us…we are learning side by side with the people we will be working with when we start our new jobs! It is a great program!”

Ed Jolly, 44: "I am a college graduate and I am learning so much from being in a hands-on training program with a vast range of talents. The instructors are great and to have a CWI involved in the training helps us so much to understand the Cost of Quality and the standards that a company like Schuff Steel requires…Great…Top Notch Training.”

Miguel Ramos, 21: "My welding experience was very limited but I am learning so much and cannot wait for the opportunity to experience Flux Core Welding, and Quality Measurement Training as we progress in this training.”

Florida MEP’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training classes under this grant will continue through 2015 and will train and place new hires into advanced manufacturing companies throughout Florida's High Tech Corridor.

For more information about the grant-funded Advanced Manufacturing Technology Training Program, call Carol Wheatley, Director of the Florida MEP H-1B Program at 321-626-4483.

About Florida MEP

The Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Florida MEP) is a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to manufacturers in identifying and implementing advanced manufacturing and management technologies, enabling them to grow and compete in the global market. Florida MEP provides access to technology for improved productivity, workforce training in Lean manufacturing, ISO / ITAR compliance, exporting logistics and supply chain integration. Through Florida MEP programs, which are often funded by grants, manufacturers learn tactics to innovate, save money, implement more efficient management strategies and Lean manufacturing methodologies—offering immediate bottom-line improvements.

The Florida MEP has recently restructured for strategic growth to keep pace with its goals of serving and meeting the training and development needs of Florida’s manufacturing community. The core team of Florida MEP delivery specialists continue to offer the quality programs and services they have provided to manufacturers the past two decades. Florida MEP is currently expanding their team of industry experts to be able to meet and exceed organizational objectives and continue to help manufacturing clients improve their competitiveness and bottom lines. For more information about Florida MEP programs and services, please visit http://www.floridamep.org or call 321-939-4000.

About Schuff Steel

Schuff Steel is the largest structural steel fabricator in America with ten plants in CA, AZ, TX, KS, GA and FL with 1.5 million square feet under roof and an annual capacity of over 300,000 tons. For more information, visit http://www.schuff.com.







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